Back from Hiatus

Well, hello.

I’m back from an extended break that I honestly didn’t realize was so long!

Life was crazy for a few weeks but I now plan to develop a better, more consistent posting schedule to avoid any additional hiatus.

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Maggiano’s Murder Mimosas

Have you ever been to a murder dinner party or something like that?

I remember hearing about them several years ago but had never been to one…Brad found a brunch one and thought that I’d enjoy it.

Neither of us are sure what to think after having gone to it…

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Valentine’s Day at Ignite Kitchen

This year for Valentine’s Day Brad and I had dinner at Ignite Kitchen in downtown Denver, kind of by Coors Field.  Neither of us had ever been there before and I’m not sure how Brad found this place but it was great!  It seems like it’s a fairly small place with a fairly simple menu but what we had really was great; we sat on the main floor in the bar area but there’s also an upstairs area with a patio that is supposed to have a great view.

They had a special menu that night which is also their menu for 5280 Restaurant Week.  It consisted of an appetizer, entree, and dessert for each person for only $25 each.

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