Well, hello.

I am back from an extended break that I honestly didn’t realize was so long.  I made the decision at the end of February to take a break so I could focus on my school work for a couple of weeks.  I’m glad that I did that in that I’ve officially finished my last real grad school course and still have a 4.0 which is something I’ve never been able to say until grad school.  Now all I have to do is my thesis which is technically two courses over the summer and fall semesters; I should officially be done after that and should graduate in December.  That seems crazy.  I started in the fall of 2015 and thought I’d actually finish sooner, but life got in the way and I was delayed a bit.  Now it just seems crazy that I’m almost done.  I guess I’ll soon have to figure out what is next.

So…I meant to return to the blog a couple of weeks ago…but then I got a horrible cold, that I’m now actually wondering if it might have been the flu.  Brad had it the week before me and I was thinking and hoping that maybe I wouldn’t get it.  But then I came down with it the morning after I turned my paper in.  At least it waited to hit me until I finished that class.  This cold was horrible and weird.  I feel like it worked backwards in terms of the progression of symptoms, and the worst part was the just utter exhaustion.  I spent a lot of time napping, which it something that I do not do.

Anyway…now I’m back! And I hope to do a much better job of staying present.

So what all has happened in the last month or so: other than the rush of school work and the cold, not much of anything.  We’ve really gotten out of our gym schedule the last month due to school, illnesses, and some work stuff for Brad.  Through that I realized that I really am enjoying going to the gym most nights and I missed the routine.

Lady seems like she’s grown a ton in a month.  When she was spayed two months ago she was about 40 lbs and the vet didn’t think she’d gain much more than an additional 10 lbs.  I haven’t weighed her but there is no way she is only 50 lbs now.  She’s HUGE!  We even had to upgrade her kennel a couple of weeks ago.  She’s so long and tall and she’s developing her adult lab coat which is fun and sad at the same time; I do miss her puppy fur.

Jock has had a difficult time as well.  A couple of weeks ago I took him to the vet to get blood work done for his dental cleaning.  He ended up getting sick immediately after that visit and I rushed him back to the vet first thing the next morning.  Turns our his blood work showed an elevated enzyme level which could mean that he’s developing the same gallbladder problem that his brother Callum has; the current plan is to retest his blood in a month and see if he needs to see a specialist then.  The vet treated him for a stomach bug and since that treatment his behavior has really changed.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize how much his personality had changed in the last couple of months; now he’s back to his old self so I’m wondering if he’d had a bug for a while and hoping that explains the funny blood work.  He seems like his old self now so hopefully he’ll be cleared in a month.

The only other real news is that I’ve decided to start a book club.  I was in one a few years ago with my friend Katie and a handful of her friends.  It was fun to get together and meet new people and it forced me to 1. read more and 2. read books that I wouldn’t have picked.  Everyone just got too busy a couple of years ago and it fizzled out but I’m excited to start a new book club now.  Our first meeting is at the end of April and the first book is Bonfire by Krysten Ritter.  I had planned to start the book the week before our meeting so that it was fresh in my mind but Brad had a different idea.  He’s listening to it on audible and after starting it he wanted someone to talk to so I had to start the book earlier than I’d planned.  I finished it in about a week; it was definitely a quick read and I’m looking forward to discussing it with everyone in a few weeks.

Oh, we also just finished watching the first season of Westworld…I think I’m still confused.  It’s definitely an engaging show and we plan to watch the new season when it starts.  I feel like there are a lot of unanswered questions so I’m curious to see how this next season goes.

Going forward, I will do my absolute best to have a better schedule with this.  I’m also planning to start working on the podcast again soon and hope to have another episode uploaded within a couple of weeks.

Thanks for bearing with me!

If you have any recipes to share or recipe requests please comment or contact me! 🙂