Hm…That’s really my only response right now.

As part of Valentine’s Day, Brad surprised me with tickets to a murder mystery brunch at the Maggiano’s Little Italy in Denver; neither of us had ever done a murder mystery event but we both like Maggiano’s and I like true crime so it sounded like a fun afternoon.

Well, we just got home from the event and I don’t think either of us are sure what we thought about it yet.

It was fun, we did have an enjoyable time.  Our table came up with a story closest to the script they were acting out so we all won $10 Maggiano’s vouchers…that’s exciting.

It started with a “hit man” coming into the banquet room looking for the target.  Before he could find her a “detective”, Major Hottie, shot him dead and the mystery began.  Throughout the brunch, the target ended up being poisoned but didn’t die and then killed her supposed boyfriend.  Turns out the target/Candy and her boyfriend’s wife were working together; the wife had hired the hitman to kill her husband.  When the hitman was killed by the detective, Candy pretended to be poisoned and then came back to shoot her boyfriend.  The wife wanted the inheritance from her cheating husband because they didn’t have a prenup and Candy was going to be paid for her part.

The people in the audience are supposed to act as detectives and question the clues and everyone in the room to try and figure out what happened.  For some reason, maybe be he just looks like a big guy, Brad was picked to move “bodies” 3 separate times; he seemed to become annoyed as he was asked multiple times but I thought it was funny.  Overall it was fun, but I’m not really rushing to sign up for another one.  It’d be fun to do as a large group with friends or family but I don’t think Brad and I will do it again as a date for just the two of us.

I will say the best part (other than spending time with my lovely husband) were the mimosas…they were quite good.