Hello!  Welcome to our blog!

My name is Mary Jane and I like food.  I like to eat it and I like to play with it, which of course means cooking and baking all sorts of delightful dishes.  After growing up as a very picky eater, I’ve taken an interest in trying new things to see what it is that I really like and dislike.  I also love food blogs.  I love getting ideas from them on things to try or different ingredients to play with.  I also love the story-telling in blogs and the community that it creates.

After wanting to start a blog for some time, the opportunity to actually do it presented itself in late 2017.  I develop the recipes, write, and take the photos. My husband, Brad, handles all of the technical aspects and the taste testing.  

A little more about us: we recently got married (August 2017) and live in Aurora, Colorado with our two dogs, a Scottie named Jock and a Lab puppy named Lady.  When not working on the blog or thinking about food, there’s a good chance I’m walking one of the dogs.

I hope you enjoy our little blog and continue to follow it!